Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment (TILE)

TILE believes that in order for urban communities, and African-American women in particular, to thrive, potential leaders must be identified and provided with the skills and tools of sustainable leadership.

Our power-building initiatives:

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BWOPA has partnered with WEVAX and the state of California Department of Public Health to launch BLACK+VAXXED – a public awareness campaign designed to give the Black community the facts and insight necessary to make an informed decision about the vaccine.

The Pandemic Is Not Over!  Please join us and a growing number of committed and concerned leaders, advocates and allies supporting the Black community’s journey to health during the pandemic as we pledge to reduce exposure, infection and the spread of COVID-19.

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TILE Empowerment and Professional Initiatives


"I utilize on a daily basis the training that I received from TILE as an activist in the trenches of east Oakland. The Leadership University workshop series gave me a toolkit full of information, skills and resources. While organizing our grassroots efforts in the heavy crime and drug infested area of east Oakland with my fellow neighbors, I always find myself pulling from my toolkit in the variety of situations we navigate in daily to address the systemic social disorder in our neighborhood. TILE gave me all that I needed to tackle the challenges that are inherent in my such work."

- Laura McCoy, MA | TILE Leadership University | Class 2009