In 1999, the Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment (TILE) was established as BWOPA’s 501c3 non-profit educational and civic engagement pillar to address the need to develop new African-American female leadership.

TILE believes that in order for urban communities, and African-American women in particular, to thrive, potential leaders must be identified and provided with the skills and tools of sustainable leadership.

The primary premise is that African-American women need to be included within the top ranks of corporate executive leadership, and at all levels of elected and appointed political leadership. Without their participation the much-touted “inclusive decision-making” model is a vision at best.

TILE empowerment and professional initiatives:

  • DWJ Leadership Fellowship Program
  • Uplifting Us! Our Health is Our Wealth in partnership with CA Black Women's Collective
  • Mental Health Equity Report in partnership with Hispanas Organized for Political Equity - project made possible by Kaiser Permanente
  • Annual Legislative Learning Day Sacramento
  • Leadership University - premier three-day certificate training
  • Ella Hill Hutch Awards
  • Sister Circle Legacy Leaders
  • Building The Bench - Preparing our Next Generations of Leaders

Special thanks to our partners:  Kaiser Permanente | The San Francisco Foundation | COMCAST | PG&E | CA Black Freedom Fund | CA Black Power Network